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Live video connection through virtual frosted glass

Team members are looking blurry behind virtual frosted glass


Video is mutual

1. Video is mutual

Only those who have turned on their cameras can see you.

2. You are blurred by default

Others see that you are present but don’t see the details of what you are doing at the moment.

You are blurred by default
Click to unblur

3. Click to unblur

Click to gradually unblur a teammate.

4. Confirm your unblur

You decide if you will be unblurred or not.

Confirm your unblur
Video is mutual

Features & Advantages:

  • Designed for spontaneous communication

  • Comfortable video presence balanced with privacy

  • Instant microphone (un)mute

  • 1 minute install and setup

  • No registration required

  • Low bandwidth consumption

  • Low CPU consumption

  • More features…



  • Сockpit experience:

    • Comfortable presence​

    • Group communication in real time

  • Extraordinary communication efficiency:

    • Time saved on group calls & preparations

    • Continuous group collaboration

    • No delays in work coordination

    • Strong individual and group focus

  • No isolation, no loneliness

  • Easy onboarding, training

  • Strong team bond

  • No extra work iterations due to slow coordination

  • Great complementary to Zoom, MS Teams, Slack, Discord


Use Cases:

  • Less lonely remote work

  • Mob programming, team programming, pair programming

  • Mentoring junior employees

  • Training, building trust with new hires

  • Doing homework together

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